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We're TKDI. When you want to be the best come train with the best!


Classes for Kids

  • ✮ Develop self-confidence and an “I can do it” attitude
  • ✮ Improve self-discipline for better behavior at home
  • ✮ Sharpen listening skills for improved grades
  • ✮ Improve strength, coordination, and athletic abilities
  • ✮ Have tons of fun in classes and special events like training camps, tournaments, picnics, pot-luck parties, birthday parties, parent’s night out, and demonstrations.
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Teens & Adults

  • ✮ Improved endurance, flexibility, and strength
  • ✮ A healthy option for stress relief
  • ✮ Positive relationships with enthusiastic and motivated people
  • ✮ Greater variety than traditional exercise programs
  • ✮ Self-defense skills and awareness for greater personal safety
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Competition Classes

Tae Kwon Do Institute offers students who work hard and meet the required training the privilege of becoming a black belt club member. The benefits include setting goals, getting more attention, learning leadership skills, and taking advantage of unlimited classes and much more!!

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Our Studio



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Call us: +1 858 668 3358

or you can send us an email via: info@tkd-institute.com

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